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Fresh work outfits for new year

Fresh work outfits for new year

  • by 李坤常

A sweatshirt can be worn at any time of the year if worn correctly. Don’t save sweatshirts only for cute winter outfits. Puma’s Sports Sweatshirt, with its sage green colour and embroidered logo on the front, is what you need for a trendy look. In the summer, wear it with a pair of biker shorts.


Top off any of your work ensembles with this checked blazer from Mango. The tonal-checked blue blazer has a collarless neckline, long sleeves, and logo embroidery, while the cinched waist gives it a more fitted silhouette.

A word of caution, though: blindly recreating the exact ensembles may not give you the same look you want. Let other people’s styles inspire your own; that is, add your personal touch to them. Choose clothing and accessories in colors, and designs that flatter your figure so that no matter what you wear, you feel confident and stylish.

You can easily repurpose some of them with DIY.Trim the bottom of a top to create a crop top, or turn your jeans into shorts with a single snip. There are a lot of different ways you can reuse your old clothes instead of getting rid of them. Cut off the sleeves to make a full-sleeved top a sleeveless or halter-top variant.

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